Ty and the team headed south to Savannah where the Simpson family was in dire need of a brand new home. Carmen and Jim Simpson have three beautiful kids. Their son, Isaac, is eight. Daughter, Katelyn, is four. Youngest son, Zoe, is two.

Zoe has had a slew of medical problems from the moment he was born. He wasn't even supposed to live. Thankfully, Zoe didn't know that. His heart never even skipped a beat when doctors took him off the respirator. He was called the Miracle Baby! And even though Zoe is an incredible boy, he still needs a lot of assistance. His family needs help in the form of a new home.


Celebrity chef Paula Deen helped surprise the family at her southern-style restaurant. Tracy took on skateboarder Isaac's room while Paul gives Katelyn a place a princess would love. Ed knows the home needs space for Zoe to maximize his potential and, hopefully, walk across the new floor someday soon. And whenever the family wants to go for a ride, they'll be able to do so in their new 2011 Ford Explorer!

Georgia-born Ty took Tracy on a tour of Savannah to show her the kind of home he wanted to build. Later, Paula Deen pops by to give her thoughts on the tiles that should adorn the ceiling. Paul and Ed take a ride on steamboat to get some ideas for Zoe's therapy room. The plan for Zoe's bedroom is to make it as loud and brightly-colored as possible. Finally, skateboarding legends Shaun and Jesse White stop by to lend their expertise for Isaac's room. Let's roll!

Coverstar had the opportunity to partner with Viking Pools to provide the Simpson family with a beautiful pool and automatic pool cover system. The team installed an underguide Eclipse™ system, with a flush lid to make for a safe environment for the family.

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