An automatic pool cover slides through aluminum guides on two sides of the pool. The Coverstar system for freeform pools can use several cover guide types and accessories for versatile system applications and pool design flexibility.

Coverstar aluminum lids

Standard Topguide

The standard topguide is a low profile anodized aluminum extrusion (similar to a door threshold) that is mounted on top of the cement deck on both sides of the pool.

Flushdeck Aluminum Lids

Horizontal Flushdeck Guide

This cover guide is embedded into and flush with the pool deck. The guide housing is set in place before the deck is poured to create a cavity that the cover guide is inserted and mounted into. The guide is finished with a trouble-free outdoor architectural grade paint that matches the standard flushdeck lid.

Pool-in-Pool Encapsulated Guide

Flushdeck Aluminum Lids

Standard Step Height

A popular way to cover a freeform pool is to create a rectangular step-up area around the pool. The "Pool-in-Pool" guide encapsulation option creates an attractive integrated look that makes the cover guide nearly invisible.

Flushdeck Aluminum Lids

Optional Riser Base for Hiding the Leading Edge

Using an optional riser base, the guide encapsulation height can be raised to allow the cover's leading edge to be inverted and hidden under a wider lid.

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