The Coverstar automatic Safety Cover is quite simply, the best automatic safety cover made today. Only the highest quality materials were used to make it as reliable and durable as possible.  

Reliable Mechanism

Ultra strong components make the Coverstar the most durable and reliable automatic safety cover on the market. Nothing stands up better in the harsh corrosive pool environment. That's why Coverstar mechanism warranties are among the best in the industry. 


PowerFlex™  Rope

PowerFlex rope is the next generation in autocover rope technology.  As a result of a proprietary treatment process, PowerFlex rope behaves like a shock absorber that allows it to be more forgiving and self adjusting during operation. It also resists distortion that is common with autocover ropes making it easier to install and operate with fewer adjustments.  The new PowerFlex ropes are black which allow them to blend into the background and a special coating adds lubricity to minimize friction along the track.>


Sealed Motor

The motor's hardened stainless steel shaft and oil bathed gears eliminate motor problems. It is sealed against water by the original motor manufacturer. The motor can operate even when completely submersed if the housing is temporarily flooded. Other less reliable means of water protection could mean an expensive motor repair.


Cover Fabric That Exceeds The Need

Coverstar fabrics are incredibly strong and durable. An advanced vinyl formulation and superior fabrication methods make it top of the line. No other automatic safety cover manufacturer offers so many exclusive features. Choose from nine standard colors. Many other custom colors are available as options.


Marine Grade Aluminum Topguide

The cover slides through two aluminum guides that are mounted to the pool deck on two sides of the pool. These low profile guides are similar to a typical door threshold. These guides are incredibly durable and last for many years.


Rope Pulleys

High quality rope pulleys are crucial to overall cover system performance. That's why Coverstar uses special custom designed and field tested rope pulleys that provide maximum reliability in the pool environment.


Adjustable Torque Limiter

A mechanical torque limiter protects the motorized mechanism from too much stress. The disc brake design is reliable and easy to adjust if needed. Other automatic covers often use an electronic torque limiter that can fail in the harsh pool environment.


Cover Guide Wheel Assembly

The hybrid design wheel assembly (Topguide) reduces stress by rolling on top of the guide. Sliders attached to the roller assembly provide accurate and smooth tracking from end to end. Other wheel assembly designs can jam and create enough stress to break system components or tear the corners of the fabric.


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